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16.01.2012 Good News

Guess what!?
Two rock-the-hell-out news on Progredior.“During first Two rock-the-hell-out news on Progredior.“During first days of new 2012 we moved to Anton Tolpeev’s studio to work on a new album, that is going to be our stairs-to-the-new-level of rock music.”


All album tracks will be recorded and the sound is promised to meet high requirements of alternative rock fans. “We have to focus on what we do best, and the work we are doing with this album comes closest to that. “ – said Anton.The composition of the material lasted for almost a year and a half so musicians lay all hopes for this shot! “It's not so much recording as editing and polishing up lyrics..” – they explained.The date of release of the album is now in question, though, as the band is reportedly working on several tracks at once, roughly it might happen in late spring 2012. “Well, there are so many tracks we have to record, I think when the dust settles and we're off the road, we're gonna give ourselves a couple weeks and sit back and figure it all out and decide which way we're gonna go.”
The second great news is the return of Nikolai Shevchenko to Progredior,as a permanent vocalist (as it is known, after his official departure Nicholas maintained friendly relations with all members of the group and continued to work as studio musician all the time).“The album will sound like a hell cocktail, ice&fire, hard rock and romantic ballads lot of fresh old school and experiments, as well as it will bring a few blow headed surprises...”Stay tuned about what’s happening in Progredior daily news upgrades. Rock you!